Friday, June 19, 2015

NJSA 3B:12-75. Immediate assumption of duties of designated standby guardian; revocation

3B:12-75.    Immediate assumption of duties of designated standby guardian; revocation      9.  a.  Upon the occurrence of the triggering event stated in the written designation executed pursuant to section 8 of this act, the designated standby guardian shall be empowered to assume the duties of his office immediately. 

   b.   If the triggering event is the designator's incapacity or debilitation, a copy of the attending physician's determination shall be provided to the designated standby guardian if the guardian's identity is known to the attending physician. 

   c.   A designated standby guardian may decline the designation at any time before the assumption of his duties by notifying the designator of this refusal in writing. 

   d.   Commencement of the designated standby guardian's duties shall confer upon the designated standby guardian shared authority with the custodial parent or legal custodian of the minor child, unless the designation of the parent or legal custodian states otherwise. 

   e.   A designator may revoke a designation of standby guardianship by notifying the designated standby guardian orally or in writing or by any other act evidencing a specific intent to revoke the designation.  

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