Friday, June 19, 2015

NJSA 3B:12-66.1 Removal from New Jersey after appointment of guardian.

3B:12-66.1  Removal from New Jersey after appointment of guardian.
48.Removal from New Jersey after Appointment of Guardian.

a.A guardian appointed in this State desiring to move to another state with his ward who is a minor shall obtain an order from the Superior Court of this State consenting to the minor's removal and if applicable, the guardian's discharge. The Superior Court may transfer the guardianship to another state if the court is satisfied that a transfer will serve the best interest of the minor.

b.The minor's removal and discharge of the guardian shall be on such terms as the Superior Court deems necessary, including requiring filing and settlement of the guardian's account and filing of an exemplified copy of the order evidencing the other state court's acceptance of jurisdiction over the guardianship and the guardian.

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