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Examples Probate and Estate Administration Legal Services my Law Office can provide for the Executor of the Estate NJ

Examples Probate and Estate Administration Legal Services my Law Office can provide for the Executor of the Estate
Reviewing and analyzing the Will and advising the Executor as to the persons who will take the Deceased estate according to law;
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Advising the Executor what must be done
Fill out Surrogate Information sheet and making arrangements for the Executor to go to the Courthouse to be appointed executor or administrator of the estate;
Preparation of mandatory Notice of Probate to Beneficiaries.
If charity, notice to Atty General
File notice of Notice of Probate with Surrogate
Apply to Federal Tax ID #
Help executor Set up Estate Account at bank (Executor should pay all bills from estate account)
Prepare Inheritance Tax Return and obtain Tax Waivers
File Inheritance Tax waivers within 8 months upon receipt
Assist in sale of Real estate and other major assets
Follow up first Federal and State Income Tax Return and NJ Estate Tax [CPA will handle- ex Marc Kane]
Assist Executor to prepare Informal Accounting

Prepare Release and Refunding Bonds and serve on beneficiary
Obtain Child Support Judgment clearance
For beneficiaries unhappy with the performance by the Executor my Law Office can provide the following services:
File a Verified Complaint and Order to Show Cause requesting the following:
1. That the named executor be ordered to provide an accounting of the estate to plaintiff and sell any remaining Real Estate and assets
2. Executor be ordered to provide an accounting for all assets of dated five years prior to death if they had access to assets
3. That the Executor be removed as the executor/administrator of the estate and that another family member be named as administrator of the estate.
4. Declaring a constructive trust of the assets of the decedent for the benefit of the plaintiff and the estate.
5. That the Executor be barred from spending any estate funds, be barred from paying any bills, be barred from taking a commission, be barred from writing checks, be barred from acting on behalf of the estate, except as specifically authorized by Superior Court Order or written consent by the plaintiff.
6. Demand Payment of plaintiffs attorneys fees and costs of suit for the within action by the estate
7. Prepare and serve Interrogatory Questions and Demand for Documents on the Executor to answer.
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