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SECTION 2-403. EXEMPT PROPERTY Uniform Probate Cod

SECTION 2-403. EXEMPT PROPERTY Uniform Probate Code
. In addition to the homestead allowance, the decedent’s surviving spouse is entitled from the estate to a value, not exceeding $15,000 in excess of any security interests therein, in household furniture, automobiles, furnishings, appliances, and personal effects. If there is no surviving spouse, the decedent’s children are entitled jointly to the same value. If encumbered chattels are selected and the value in excess of security interests, plus that of other exempt property, is less than $15,000, or if there is not $15,000 worth of exempt property in the estate, the spouse or children are entitled to other assets of the estate, if any, to the extent necessary to make up the $15,000 value. Rights to exempt property and assets needed to make up a deficiency of exempt property have priority over all claims against the estate, but the right to any assets to make up a deficiency of exempt property abates as necessary to permit earlier payment of homestead allowance and family allowance. These rights are in addition to any benefit or share passing to the surviving spouse or children by the decedent’s will, unless otherwise provided, by intestate succession, or by way of elective share.
As originally adopted in 1969, the dollar amount exempted was set at $3,500. To adjust for inflation, the amount was increased to $10,000 in 1990 and to $15,000 in 2008. The dollar amount in this section is subject to annual cost-of-living adjustments under Section 1-109.
Unlike the exempt amount described in Sections 2-402 and 2-404, the exempt amount described in this section is available in a case in which the decedent left no spouse but left only adult children. The provision in this section that establishes priorities is required because of possible difference between beneficiaries of the exemptions described in this section and those described in Sections 2-402 and 2-404.
Section 2-213 covers waiver of exempt property rights. This section indicates that a decedent’s will may put a spouse to an election with reference to exemptions, but that no election is presumed to be required.
Historical Note. This Comment was revised in 2008. 

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