Monday, November 6, 2017

Documents Helpful at Probate Appointment with Attorney

Items that the executor of a Will may bring for the initial meeting with the attorney:
1. Original Death Certificates;
2. Original Wills and Codicils;
3. Completed Probate/Estate Administration interview sheet;
4. Any Trusts established by the decedent;
5. All bank books, certificates of deposit, check books, money markets, and the most recent back statements for any accounts that listed the decedent's name, including IRA or other qualified accounts;
6. Copies of all of the decedent's brokerage accounts, treasury direct accounts, book entry accounts, dividend reinvestment accounts and annuities that list the decedent's name including IRA or other qualified accounts;
7. Original certificates of stock or original bonds that list the decedent's name;
8. Information and documentation regarding all Life Insurance Policies owned by or insuring the life of the decedent;
9. A copy of any health insurance policy of the decedent;
10. Copies of any bills in the decedent's name or the estate's name for expenses and debts owed by the decedent or the estate including the last illness, funeral, repast, burial, monuments, etc. These bills should continue to be provided by the client as received;
11. A copy or list of any expenses paid by the client or any other individuals on behalf of the decedent or estate in connection with the decedent's funeral or last illness including telephone bills, stamps for cards, luncheons, travel expenses, etc.;
12. A copy of all credit cards in the decedent's name along with the most recent statement for each;
13. A copy of the title, registration, automobile insurance and any lease information for any vehicle owned by the decedent;
14. A copy of the homeowner's insurance policy for the decedent's Real Estate;
15. A copy of the Deed and Tax bill for any real property in the decedent's name;
16. A copy of any leases or contracts that the deceased was a party to at the time of
his or her death;
17. The location of any Safe Deposit Box that includes the decedent's name along with an
inventory of its contents;
18. A copy of the decedent's last Federal Income Tax Returns;
19. A copy of any Notes or Mortgages that include the decedent's name;
20. Any information concerning the decedent's pension or benefits from employment;
22. An inventory of all the decedent's personal property.

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