Monday, January 30, 2017

Air Bag/Seat Belt Injuries in Car Accidents NJ

Air Bag/Seat Belt Injuries in Car Accidents

Compiled by Kenneth Vercammen, Esq. from various sources

1. Stop . . . do not leave the scene of the accident. CALL THE POLICE, tell them where the accident occurred and ask for medical help if needed.
2. Get names, addresses, and license numbers of all drivers involved.
3. Get description and registration number and insurance information of all cars involved. License Plate Number __ Registration # __ Make __ Year __ Damage __ Insurance Company __ Insurance Policy Number __
4. Get names and addresses of all witnesses Witnesses will be a tremendous help to you in any subsequent court action, if there is any question of liability involved. Get the names and addresses of as many witnesses as possible. If they refuse to identify themselves, jot down the license plate numbers of their automobiles. Do not discuss the accident with the witnesses. Do not give the witnesses names to anyone but the police, your attorney or your insurance company.
5. While waiting for police, write down- Accident Information Date __ Time __ Location __ No. of vehicles involved __ Weather __ Road conditions __ Damage __ Speed of the other car __
6. Summary of accident __
7. Diagram of accident
8. Call an ambulance. If you have any reason to suspect you were injured in the accident, go to a hospital immediately or see a physician promptly. You'll want it on record that you sought treatment right away -not in a week or so.
9. Name of Police Officers, Department and Badge Number
10. Do not assign or accept blame for the accident. - The scene of the accident is not the place to determine fault. Discuss the accident only with the police, your attorney and with representatives of your insurance company. Give the other party only your drivers license number, registration number and insurance information. - Be cooperative with the police.
11. Seek hospital/ medical attention.
12. Take photos of damage to car, location of your seat belt and air bag. Also take photos of scrapes or black and blue marks on your body caused by your seat belt and air bag.
13. Call your insurance company to report the accident.
14. Call a personal injury attorney, not a real estate attorney: Call Kenneth A. Vercammen- Trial Attorney Attorn

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