Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Nuts and Bolts of Elder Law & Estate Administration (2016) Book for Sale

Price:  $65.00 

Presented in cooperation with the NJSBA Elder & Disability Law Section and NJSBA Young Lawyers Division Elder law is one of the fastest growing practice areas offering both
young and established attorneys opportunities. As your current clients
continue to grow older, you need to position yourself to be able to
offer them and their families the legal services required by the elderly
in today’s society. Or, you may be looking for lucrative areas in which
to expand your current practice, including administering their estates.
This practical program is designed to provide the practical legal
tools of elder law practice & estate administration practice to
general practitioners and young lawyers, as well as to more experienced
lawyers seeking to expand into these fields. A highly authoritative and
experienced panel of elder law attorneys & estate planners will
share proven techniques and experience it would take you years to gather
on your own. You’ll also gain insight on how Federal Medicaid Laws will
impact your practice.

Pick up everything you need to know about elder law & estate administration, including:
• Why Have a Will? - Gathering information; standard provisions; designation of fiduciaries; protective clauses; sample forms; Ethics - who is the client?
• Powers of Attorney - Types of POAs; what should be included; why clients need them; POAs and Living Wills; sample forms
• Living Trusts (Revocable/Irrevocable) as an Estate Planning Tool - Why it should be used; Ethics - who is the client?; disadvantages; revocable vs. irrevocable; Life Insurance Trusts; sample forms
• Basic Tax Considerations - Jointly-held property; “I love you” Will; no Will at all; insurance owned by client; unlimited marital deduction; estate planning in the testamentary document ; sample forms/letters
• Estate Administration - How To Probate A Will - Probate process; duties of executor/fiduciary; gathering of assets; tax returns; tax waivers; access to property; sample forms/checklists
• Medicaid Planning in Light of Federal Medicaid Reform - Countable assets of Medicaid applicant; income cap/Medical needy standard; look-back period; transfers of property; personal residence; Medicaid estate recovery rules; probate; undue influence; competency
…and more!

Program Speakers Include: Kenneth A. Vercammen, Esq., William P. Isele, Esq., Martin A. Spigner, Esq.

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