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Guardianship Legal Services to Be Provided/Retainer in NJ

Guardianship Legal Services To Be Provided/Retainer in NJ
Name _______________  FEE    [$2,500]
1.  Legal Services To Be Provided. You agree that the Law Firm will represent you in connection with proposed Guardianship. 

1. Office interview with client, office consult fee is $150.00, which is included in the Complaint preparation fee. 
2. Review Guardianship Questionnaire filled out by client.
3. Obtain information such as name, address and telephone number. 
4. Obtain information regarding value of real estate, life insurance and other assets.
5. Obtain information regarding estate and  beneficiaries.
6. Obtain information regarding names of family members.
7. Discuss possible individuals to serve as Guardian.
8. Discuss Court procedures, answer legal questions.    
9 Office conference, attend to signing of Complaint, Answer Questions and explain provisions.
10 Obtain client's email address to send updates.
11 Attend Hearing
12. Preparation of end of case letter to client after guardianship granted

         Please read our website article to help you understand how guardianships are handled
         The legal work includes research, correspondence, preparation and drafting of pleadings and other legal documents, conferences in person and by telephone with you and with others, dictating and reviewing letters, negotiations, and any other related work or service to properly represent you in this matter.

Documents we will prepare           

1.            Opening of file and offer client information brochures
2.            Draft Verified Complaint for Guardianship
3.            Prepare Affidavit of Proposed Guardian in Support of Complaint for Guardianship
4.            Affidavit of next of kin
5.            Prepare AFFIDAVIT OF Doctor 1
6.            Prepare CERTIFICATE OF Doctor 2
7.            Letters to Doctors to be delivered by client
8.            Prepare letter to client enclosing draft documents for client to carefully read
9.            Prepare ORDER FOR HEARING
10.        Contact client to request client have doctor sign affidavit
11.        Attend to proposed Guardian signing complaint
12.        Prepare letter to court with signed complaint and 2 doctor certificate
13.        Prepare NOTICE to incapacitated person
14.        Prepare and file CERTIFICATION OF SERVICE on incapacitated person
15.        Prepare co to surrogate with NOTICE to incapacitated person of Complaint and Certification of Service
16.        Prepare co to guardian with hearing notice
17.        review attorney Guardian report
18.        Prepare Guardianship Judgment

The proposed guardian will need to make arrangements to have two Doctors sign the AFFIDAVIT OF Doctors.

2. Costs And Experts.  In addition to legal fees, you must pay the following costs and expenses; experts' fees, court costs including Complaint filing fee payable to County Surrogate, certified mail notices, investigators' fees, deposition costs, messenger services, and any other necessary expenses or out of pocket expenses.  The Law Firm may recommend that experts be retained directly by you.  You would then be solely responsible to pay the experts.  The experts usually require they be paid up front.

         The Court will appoint an attorney to be a temporary law Guardian. The court will require either you or the Incapacitated person to pay the fees of the temporary law Guardian. Their fees are approx $1,500.

3.  Other Legal Services.  You and the Law Firm may make additional agreements to provide for legal services not covered by the Agreement. Without such agreements, the Law Firm is not required to do any of the following:

         (a)  Provide any legal services after the judgment of the trial court;
         (b)  Appeal any decisions of the trial court;
         (c)  Enforce any judgment or order of the trial court;
         (d)  Represent you in any other court or Tribunal

4. Fees.  Fees can be paid by VISA, Master Card, American Express, check, money order or cash. Make checks payable to Kenneth Vercammen, P.C. As with most Attorneys, Fees are paid at the initial consultation and must be paid prior to documents being drafted. For your convenience, we accept credit cards by email, over the phone, and PayPal. You can also make appointment to bring in check or cash or pay by credit card during office hours, mail in retainer check or drop off retainer check through front door mail slot on weekends and evenings.
 [Note- After the Guardianship Complaint is typed, there is a minimum $100.00 additional charge for complaint changes not set forth in the Questionnaire filled out by clients at the initial consult.  The Deed needs to be signed within 20 days of initial consult or additional fee will be charged. We do not do Tax Planning or Medicaid Planning.  The fee paid is non refundable.]

Guardianship bill rev 8/30/14

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