Saturday, November 14, 2015

26:2H-79. Definitions relative to hospices

26:2H-79.  Definitions relative to hospices1. As used in this act, "hospice care program" means a coordinated program of home, outpatient, and inpatient care and services that is operated by a public agency or private organization, or subdivision of either of these entities, and that provides care and services to hospice patients and to hospice patients' families, through a medically directed interdisciplinary team, under interdisciplinary plans of care in order to meet the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and other special needs that are experienced during the final stages of illness, dying, and bereavement. A hospice care program shall provide the following care and services:

a. Nursing care by or under the supervision of a registered professional nurse;

b. Physical, occupational, or speech or language therapy;

c. Medical social services by a certified or licensed social worker under the direction of a physician;

d. Services of a certified home health aide;

e. Medical supplies, including drugs and biologicals, and the use of medical appliances related to terminal diagnosis;

f. Physician's services;

g. Short-term inpatient care, including both palliative and respite care and procedures;

h. Spiritual and other counseling for hospice patients and hospice patients' families;

i. Services of volunteers under the direction of the provider of the hospice care program; and

j. Bereavement services for hospice patients' families.


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