Monday, April 20, 2015

Subpart 2. Uniform Probate Code Succession Without Administration PREFATORY NOTE

Subpart 2.  Uniform Probate Code Succession Without Administration PREFATORY NOTE
This subpart to the Uniform Probate Code is an alternative to other methods of administering a decedent’s estate. The Uniform Probate Code otherwise provides procedures for informal administration, formal administration and supervised administration. This subpart adds

another alternative to the system of flexible administration provided by the Uniform Probate Code and permits the heirs of an intestate or residuary devisees of a testator to accept the estate assets without administration by assuming responsibility for discharging those obligations that normally would be discharged by the personal representative.
The concept of succession without administration is drawn from the civil law and is a variation of the method which is followed largely on the Continent in Europe, in Louisiana and in Quebec.
This subpart contains cross-references to the procedures in the Uniform Probate Code and particularly implements the policies and concepts reflected in Sections 1-102, 3-101 and 3-901.  

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